Back to School Style Essentials

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Back-to-school season is just around the corner and with summer drawing to a close, it is time to update your wardrobe. Transitioning from warm days of summer to cool crispy autumnal evenings can be a little tricky. Our back-to-school trend scouts suggest starting the school year with a collegiate style inspiration from the 90s movie " Clueless". Combining preppy collegiate style with full skirts our style scouts have put together a list of basic essentials from accessories that keep you organized for school to looks that will transition you from classroom to social evenings.

Preppy with plaid: You cannot go wrong with a plaid and stripes blazer or scarf. Plaid has been a popular print for handbags and shoes as well.

Feminine flourishes: Use Poms poms, bows and lace embellishments or pearl and floral jewels for a dose of feminine chic.

Dots and hearts: Keep your things organized with functional but fun and quirky carryall cases with dots, hearts and handmade illustrations.

Statement Necklaces: Statement necklaces trend is here to stay. Style your basic solid with a statement necklace or layer with pieces of varying length.

Stack 'em up bracelets: Pile up several skinny bracelets or a set of multiple bracelets on your wrist. Beads, leather, chain are all favorites for this season.

Small dose of animal print: Animal print can be tricky. One accessory with animal print is enough to inject a dose of sophistication. Pair with denim or tan outfits.

Pocket memos/journals: Use pocket memos and mini journals for notekeeping where ever you go. It is more stylish than electronic devices!

Portable adhesive notes: If you are a sticky addict, the portable adhesive notes are your best aid. Enclosed in color jackets these are easy to drop in your bag and head to the library!

Wristlets: Perfect for the time when you have books or backpacks to carry. Wristlets cease to be just utilitarian with so much variety and has become a staple for the wardrobe.

Small handbags: Swap your bulky oversized handbag for small crossbody or slim clutch when you want a slim streamlined look for the evening or dinner out with friends.

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Summer Chic

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Summer is all about getting out and enjoying the beach, traveling to exotic destinations, visiting flea markets or going hiking at a nature conservancy.

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Handbag update - Small is Stylish

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Clutches and wristlets are the it accessory for summer wardrobe!  Most handbags get loaded with far too much stuff that is rarely used. Looking for keys and small items can sometimes get annoying and hanging handbags on chairs in tightly packed seating areas is just not practical! For most women, carry out essentials comprises their cell phone, keys, credit cards and lipstick  when making a quick trip to the mall or out for dinner/movie. So why not downsize and swap the handbags for wristlets and clutches to get instant access to your essentials.

A wristlet looks like a large coin purse or a pouch that you can conveniently wear on your wrist and some even come with inside pockets. Very convenient if you are biking, out strolling or great for campus especially if you carry a backpack.

These days pouches come in a variety of designs and materials and have moved away from being just a basic accessory. Pouches are also a popular choice as they can double for wristlets and clutches and are a handy accessory to travel with. Store chargers, cosmetics, business cards or jewelry in a pouch and drop it inside the handbag.

Clutches are irreplaceable accessories for evenings out or at parties when you don't want to be weighed down by a handbag. While traveling a smart approach would be to carry at least two clutches that can be paired with day and evening wear. Browse our selection of wristlets and carryall accessories.


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Wedding Season - Style without stress

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Summer is just around the corner and the buzz about weddings is everywhere. Friends sharing ideas about upcoming weddings, pinning wedding decorations, shoes, accessories, chiffon dresses and what not! It is the beginning of the wedding season and the excitement and drama around weddings is just building up. You are thinking about your expenses - shopping for gifts, buying plane tickets to out-of-town weddings and trips to salon can become stressful!

Here are a few tips to look stylish at weddings without stress.

1. Relax have fun planning the wedding details!

2. Rummage through your wardrobe for nude, pastel or black dresses as these are easy to     accessorize with jewelry and work well with makeup.

3. Plan early so you can shop around and buy things slowly and not all at once.

4. Keep a budget for nail and hair for the perfect finishing touch.

Looking for wedding bijoux and accessories? See our bridal collection.

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Inspiration for spring/summer looks

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Capsule wardrobe for the tropical getaway

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This year you have decided a tropical getaway is just what you need to re-energize yourself! You want to look the part when you arrive at your destination.
We share your excitement that a relaxing getaway is in your future! Here are a few tips to help you pack your capsule wardrobe for the lazy day by the pool or an exciting evening on the tropical resort.
1. Blue kaftan paired with espadrille wedges. An essential uncomplicated look for resort wear great for short trips to town or to relax under the sun.
2. A colorful light weight scarf that can be used as a beach cover up.
3. A pastel or white color dress with a small box clutch with a shoulder chain.
4. Bijoux for day and evening wear.
5. A journal to document and sketch for a literary tour.


Nothing says tropical getaway wear more than blue!

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Get great style for less

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