About Us



Welcome to the new look of Bijoux Closet!

Bijoux Closet is a pioneering online store that curates fashion accessories keeping in mind that style has a unique interpretation by individuals. Bijoux Closet offers curated collections, combined with knowledge of style and unlimited flexibility of shopping online. Many times we want items from past collections or search for an accessory to match an outfit. A retro, bohemian, edgy or classic piece will be a key item for those who know that fashion accessories are essential for creating or reinventing a look. Our passion for curation began with an appreciation and collection of unique items, be it an art poster, a photograph or a piece of jewelry. We began our journey in 2012, sensing a need to cater to discerning consumers who wish to curate their wardrobe with unique fashion accessories based on individual taste. Our passion for fashion, art and books led us to create a virtual library to celebrate icons of style, catalysts and trends in the fashion world. Our virtual library aggregated facts and information of the fashion world with topics ranging from retro boutiques to history of bags, vintage fashion and more. This content will be made available once again in the near future. If you are a fashion enthusiast who enjoys fashion musings or searching for accessories to create a certain look then you are at the right place!

Our Take On Fashion

Fashion is more than just an individual expression of aesthetics, it reflects different shades of life and our ideas through time. Imagery such as the Eiffel Tower, vintage keys, decorative 'Paris' typeface, colorful macaroons, London's famous telephone booths and double deck buses are all reflections of everyday life that have become a big part of fashion products. Perhaps many current styles of fashion are steeped in past history and design.

Wishing you wonderful fashion experiences!
Bijoux Closet Team