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The Spring Summer 2019 style and color inspiration looks to influences from technology, space, nature, eco-consciousness, waste, precious resources like water and travel to far off places to trace origin and identity of products and materials and incorporating them in their styles. It also looks to put a modern take on colors and style of the past where technology influences were far less than today.

Women Spring Summer 2019 Trends

Escapism and exploration plays a dominant theme where naturally found items such as seashells, natural stones and materials like raffia are incorporated in accessories and clothes. Nude colors such as beige, creamy hues and latte inspired by journeys to arabian deserts and safari expeditions become a summer staple as well as the calming pallette of muted blues and greens. In a stark contrast fashion runways have also favored neons and bold colors to add a pop to the season's looks.

Metallic shades and feather accessories make a big "out of the ordinary" statement in SS 2019 while tie dye and denim create a more relaxed feel. This season "nostalgia" also plays a big part to escape our digitally charged lives by incorporating elements and pastel hues like mint and candy pastels from the past.


Men Spring Summer 2019 Trends




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