Winter Scarf Pop

Posted on November 06, 2015 by Bijoux Closet Team | 0 comments

Chilly breeze in fall puts shopping for warm woollies and cosy layers at the top of our to do list. This year maxi scarves held at the waist by knotted belts and  bold blanket style wraps took center stage at fall 2015 runways making them the "IT" accessory.

Warm scarves and chunky wraps are a staple wardrobe accessory particularly for those who enjoy a leisurely stroll along the lakeshore or waterfront, visiting festive bazars or spending a laid back evening by the beach.

If you are daunted by the outdoors and dullness in winter, here are some tips for staying stylishly warm using woolly textiles as inspiration for all your cold weather escapes.

Bold Prints and Colors
Make a fabulous style statement with bold prints and deep hues to pop your solid color outfits.

The Cowgirl Bandana

Create a Wild West cowgirl bandana vibe with triangular scarves. This style will keep your neck and upper chest warm leaving your arms free for selfies!

The Maxi Scarf Runway Trend
Maxi scarves created a huge buzz when designers around the world showcased the look on runways for fall 2015. Add a dose of runway to your look with wide blanket style scarves slung loosely on one side or held in place by a belt, a style popularized by Burberry Prorsum and Etro.

Natural Fiber

Choose natural fibres such as pashmina, cashmere or soft wool over synthetic so that your skin can breathe and be free of allergies.



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