Handbag update - Small is Stylish

Posted on June 11, 2015 by Bijoux Closet Team | 0 comments


Clutches and wristlets are the it accessory for summer wardrobe!  Most handbags get loaded with far too much stuff that is rarely used. Looking for keys and small items can sometimes get annoying and hanging handbags on chairs in tightly packed seating areas is just not practical! For most women, carry out essentials comprises their cell phone, keys, credit cards and lipstick  when making a quick trip to the mall or out for dinner/movie. So why not downsize and swap the handbags for wristlets and clutches to get instant access to your essentials.

A wristlet looks like a large coin purse or a pouch that you can conveniently wear on your wrist and some even come with inside pockets. Very convenient if you are biking, out strolling or great for campus especially if you carry a backpack.

These days pouches come in a variety of designs and materials and have moved away from being just a basic accessory. Pouches are also a popular choice as they can double for wristlets and clutches and are a handy accessory to travel with. Store chargers, cosmetics, business cards or jewelry in a pouch and drop it inside the handbag.

Clutches are irreplaceable accessories for evenings out or at parties when you don't want to be weighed down by a handbag. While traveling a smart approach would be to carry at least two clutches that can be paired with day and evening wear. Browse our selection of wristlets and carryall accessories.




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