Wedding Season - Style without stress

by Bijoux Closet Team May 15, 2015

Summer is just around the corner and the buzz about weddings is everywhere. Friends sharing ideas about upcoming weddings, pinning wedding decorations, shoes, accessories, chiffon dresses and what not! It is the beginning of the wedding season and the excitement and drama around weddings is just building up. You are thinking about your expenses - shopping for gifts, buying plane tickets to out-of-town weddings and trips to salon can become stressful!

Here are a few tips to look stylish at weddings without stress.

1. Relax have fun planning the wedding details!

2. Rummage through your wardrobe for nude, pastel or black dresses as these are easy to     accessorize with jewelry and work well with makeup.

3. Plan early so you can shop around and buy things slowly and not all at once.

4. Keep a budget for nail and hair for the perfect finishing touch.

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Bijoux Closet Team
Bijoux Closet Team


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