The Original Birkin Bag

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The name Birkin brings to mind images of the coveted luxurious Hermes Birkin handbag. But how much do we know about the fashion and style of celebrity icon Jane Birkin who was the inspiration behind the famous Birkin bag. Well before the Birkin bag came into existence this trend setting icon was rarely seen without a wicker basket hanging from her arm instantly making wicker and raffia bags popular and fashionable. Jane B's style was bohemian easy elegance and created an unforgettable look with her wicker basket.

The luxurious Hermes Birkin bag was created for Jane B in the 80s based on her need to have a bigger bag which could hold all her items. Later on Hermes introduced Birkin handbag limited editions in exotic skins with a waiting list of 2 years or more. Jane Birkin's name was now associated with a handbag that was in complete contrast to the carefree wicker basket look. Perhaps it was the spirit of the 60s and 70s era where the image of flower girl and carefree attitude was so in fashion, whereas, the Birkin bag was a product of the opulent 80s that craved decadent luxury. Fashion repeats and we believe the wicker basket look is making a comeback once again!

Women all the over the world have been captivated with the story of how the idea of Birkin bag was conceived and countless books have been written celebrating the Birkin. One such book is "Bringing Home the Birkin" by Michael Tonello, a former makeup artist and hairdresser who moves to Spain to sell Hermes luxury scarves on eBay and discovers the demand for Birkin. Written in an engaging and light hearted travel memoir style, Tonello describes his experience of acquiring and selling Birkin handbags. The reader is transported to Michael Tonello’s world of luxury, travel, socializing and humorous encounters all to sell the coveted Hermes Birkin bag and all things Hermes.


As a celebrity icon Jane Birkin was the name that launched the Birkin handbag by Hermes, however, what has kept it as one of the most sought after handbag despite the hefty price tag, is the fact, that it is promoted as a bag that one cannot just walk into the store and purchase but has to be acquired after years of waiting.
That is not to say the wicker basket look is no longer available for devoted followers of Jane B's french chic style, in fact, there are quite a few designers who produce newer versions of the original Jane B basket for those who love that look!



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