The Travelling Fashionista

by Bijoux Closet Team January 07, 2015

The Travelling Fashionista- Bijoux Closet

We have all seen her, the glamorous fashionista jet-setting to the next destination looking cool and put together. She has the right travel accessories and amenities, a return to the slightly retro but oh-so-stylish days of early air travel.

When it comes to traveling the effortless chic look may not come naturally to everyone. Shopping at the last minute within a budget can be overwhelming. If you have no room to splurge, don’t despair. You can always get great style inspirations from the globetrotting veterans who have mastered the cool elegance of stylish travel.

Here is a list of essentials that will make you look put-together as well as keep you comfortable.
1. A tote bag or a fun travel inspired satchel that has enough room or compartments to organize your essentials like sunglasses, documents and technology.
2. An entertaining book to relax you and make you smile or a travel diary for those who sketch or write travel memoirs.
3. A large scarf that can be wrapped around to keep you warm or a silk scarf to add a dose of Parisian chic.
4. Good quality costume jewelry / bijoux so you don’t have to risk losing a valuable piece.
5. Soft socks or foldable ballet flats to keep your feet warm.
6. Washable cosmetic case to hold serums, make up and nail file.
7. Look for neutral color clothes in your closet that are not easily crumpled and carry comfortable shoes.
8. Scented soaps to give as gifts or to treat yourself to a relaxing and soothing cleansing ritual.

Bijoux Closet Team
Bijoux Closet Team


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