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Posted on May 21, 2017 by Bijoux Closet Team | 0 comments

If you are escaping to a warmer, tropical destination for exploration, relaxation or an event this year, then pairing clothes and accessories wisely can take you from day to night seamlessly. Here are some suggestions to create easy chic looks for your next getaway.

Our first inspiration comes from the calm blue hues of the sky and ocean. We love batiks and dip dye accessories and pairing a Shibori print clutch and a bold statement necklace for effortless chic!


Shibori print clutch

If you love whites then make the outfit fun by adding some color. White outfits are like a blank canvas and can be easily layered with accessories in vibrant pink or neon to evoke a fun and colorful Miami vibe without looking over the top.


Pop in Pink

Incorporate nudes and natural hues for a polished and classy fashion statement. Accessorize this look with accessories in darker or lighter shades to accentuate the natural look.


Sunny Beach Getaway Accessories

Minty hues always evoke a sense of cool freshness that comes with spring. If you are planning a visit to a museum or an art gallery, stir things up with a main piece in vintage mint and layer with metallic accessories. 

Style Getaway in Vintage Mint

Stripes are classic and most of us always carry a striped piece of clothing on our trips. A fresh take on a nautical theme is to mix stripes with graphic and metallic accessories for an edgy style statement.

Chic in black and white

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