Gold Statement Bijoux

Posted on January 18, 2016 by Bijoux Closet Team | 0 comments

This year we look to past issues of vogue as well as iconic pieces of vintage costume jewelry for inspiration. Carefully sculpted and executed jewelry designs in gold tone were introduced by couture houses in the past to finish an outfit.  In these days of Avant garde, chic layering pieces of gold tone jewelry with casual outfits such as white shirt and denim is common and not just confined to formal wear. You can pair high shine cuffs and statement necklaces in gold with dark denim and heels for an edgy empress look or layer gold bracelets for an amped up glam effect with minimal outfits. In winter accent the neckline with a bold collar necklace or layer with gold necklaces of varying lengths to bring your sweater to life.

For major impact, look for high quality statement pieces of jewelry. If you are wondering what constitutes high quality investment pieces of jewelry then look for well crafted sturdy pieces with hefty chains and carefully executed details. Chrisitian Dior guides us about jewelry with a statement that the quality of stones, the design of the jewel and the perfection of workmanship are much more important and that heavy gilt jewelry gives a nice, bright richness to the clothes. There are many contemporary designers who create high quality innovative luxury costume jewelry that will be worth the investment but will not require you winning the lottery or end up consuming your year-end bonus.

Have a go at creating your glam look by pairing solid color outfits whether dressy or casual with unique gold-tone bijoux for a bold statement and have fun!



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