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Posted on March 20, 2015 by Bijoux Closet Team | 0 comments

Style is personal, it says something unique about us and makes us stand out from the rest. Our clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags and scarves combine to create an individual style. Although we have our own individual style, our look must also be practical and fit the occasion. So if your need is for a practical handbag to keep your things organized for the day, a small shoulder bag would hardly fit the purpose. If however, you are going for a night on the town, a small shoulder bag would be the perfect choice. When wearing costume jewelry we must make sure it is of good quality as cheap quality jewelry may not feel or look like the finishing piece for the outfit.

So we do need a variety of accessories to style our look but this does not mean that we have to empty out the bank account by spending on very expensive accessories. Instead opt for good quality, reasonably priced accessories that have great aesthetics.

Here are some suggestions for getting great pieces for less at Bijoux Closet. Curate your closet by adding good quality accessories that will not only define your style but are affordable as well. See our jewelry collection and handbags collection






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